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Why Do My Knees Hurt During Lunges?

Kai Wheeler writes:

If you are someone who experiences knee pain during lunges this video will benefit you. There can be many factors that influence knee pain during exercise but I have identified the three most common issues I encounter with my clients. I will show you how to restore tight hip flexors, improve proper weight distribution, strengthen the core stabilizer muscles and finally I will cover the mechanics of a lunge.

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I Hope I Get It: Stories From the Audition Room With Nikki M. James

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Almost. It’s a big word for me. I feel it everywhere. Almost home. Almost happy. Almost changed. Almost, but not quite. Not yet. Soon, maybe.
—Joan Bauer (via w-ritings)
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life is so hard when your best friend is a 9.5/10 and you’re a strong 4 with the right filter and lighting

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day four | favorite ship: erik x charles

"Where’s your telepath friend?"
"Gone. Left a bit of a gap in my life, if I’m to be honest."

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I’m not crying about Harry Potter, you are.

Fuck it, we’re all crying about Harry Potter.

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file under “movies to watch when feeling sad”

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go to google translate. type a sentence in english and translate it to a language of your choice. translate it again to another language. translate it again. and again. and again. translate it 6 more times. then once more. translate it one final time back to english. what are you left with? something that’s completely different than the original. 

or as we like to call it

the bible


This is great

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Ph. Anne Deniau

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